Psychic predictions for 2019 that everyone is talking about?

Psychic predictions for 2019 that everyone is talking about?

Among the psychic predictions for 2019, we find one in particular. The French astrologer Nostradamus has predicted that for this 2019 the third world war is approaching.

Which in his opinion will be led by two superpowers and is expected to last 27 years. He also reported on a destructive earthquake that will affect California and part of Canada.

Another psychic named Craig Hamilton has predicted that the current president of the United States will be ill for this 2019. In his own judgment it will not be a serious illness,

so he has to abandon the mandate. However, it is something that can occur overnight and that will cause discomfort. Preventing him from doing part of his work for a very short time.

Within the psychic predictions for 2019 could not miss that of Baba Gaga. The seer from Bulgaria has predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would suffer an assassination attempt.

This would be perpetrated agents of his security team. That is why it is said that if the prophecy is fulfilled, Putin would be betrayed by someone very close to him.

Also, he mentioned that President Donald Trump would be involved in a mysterious illness. In addition, a close relative would be the victim of a traffic accident. These are some of the most outstanding predictions of today.

Other psychic predictions for 2019

More complaints about abuse: Previous years we have seen thousands of complaints against children, women, and others have been forming. Apparently, the more time passes, the more “viral” these types of complaints become.

One of the psychic predictions that have attracted the most attention has been a possible wave of denunciations that is approaching. This will be seen more than anything in celebrities.

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The economy in bankruptcy

According to the psychic predictions for 2019, a conflict between the US and China will be observed. This conflict will become more intense with the passing of months.

Which will have considerable repercussions in the rest of the world. According to these predictions, Donald Trump’s economy will not be as stable as the previous year, and this could cause the United States to reach an economic recession.

What do the psychic predictions for 2019 say about love?

One of the most anticipated psychic predictions by many is on the subject of romance. Despite knowing that each person has a different life, and therefore may have a different destination. It can be said that 2019 will be an ideal year for the rebirth of love.

This in general terms. The stars have aligned to ignite the inner flame you desire.
Contrary to last year, which was a terrible year for love, which experienced more breakdowns and problems than the usual couple.
Psychic predictions

This is because astrologically when the energy forces are against, it is often difficult to face them. These are just some of the psychic predictions that this 2019 brings us. A small collection of the predictions that we consider most relevant.

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