What to Expect in Psychic Medium Readings

What to Expect in Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic medium: Believe it or not, It is usually common to see some folks get nervous because they don’t know what to expect – it’s the fear of the unknown.

In this article, I am going to try to get you informed and wipe away that fear so you can focus on what’s really important – connecting with your loved one in spirit.

What to Expect When You See a Medium

Take note to remember that no two mediums or psychic medium readings are alike.  They are as unique as snowflakes!

The below listed is a general idea of what you can expect, but you will keep in mind that each medium has his or her own mode of operation and what you hear and how it’s presented depends on the following:

  • The person in spirit (and what they have to say)
  • The personality and particular gifts of the medium

Most mediums begin by telling their clients how they conduct their sessions.  Then, they will connect with your loved ones in heaven.

***The most important thing to remember is that the job of the medium is to provide a voice to those in spirit***


I have listed below some of the types of things you may hear in a psychic medium reading:

Characteristics – This usually can be things about your loved one such as:

  • The Hair color
  • The Body type
  • The Height
  • Personality (this is widely adjudged to be the most important one)

Evidence – Evidence are things that prove the continuity of life after death.  These can be things about your loved one such as:

  • Their name, or the names of others in the family
  • How your loved one passed away, or health challenges they faced
  • The number of children or grandchildren they had
  • A favorite hobby or pastime they had
  • A favorite food

Message – This is indeed the most important part of any mediumship reading, which is passing on messages from the person in spirit to their family and friends who are still living.

Note that Psychic medium readings can be done in person or via video chat (affiliate)- there is no difference in the quality. It brings the same results. You can be present in the same room as an intuitive person, or across the world – it doesn’t diminish the quality of the results.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

***All Mediums are Psychics…not all Psychics are Mediums.***

It is known fact that all Surgeons are Doctors but not all Doctors will go on to be Surgeons. Therefore, a Medium is a specialist, so to speak. A Psychic tunes into the “aura” or “energy field” of the person that they are reading for to gather information, while a Medium can also do this…a Medium is also able to tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body.

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